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    1. Start the DAS MATIA empowerment process by designing your unique GOTS & Fair Trade certified organic cotton T-shirt. The organic cotton T-shirt stands for your capacity to create your own reality. Designing your T-shirt marks the moment when you take ownership over your life and start designing the life you’re passionate about living.

    2. 3% of the yearly profit will be reinvested in women empowerment projects around the globe. You get to choose in which project you want to invest. Plus, should you be interested, you can volunteer inside the grassroots organization carrying out the project of your choice. You will travel to that specific community and further your transformation while being in service of others and supporting other women to fully unleash their potential.
    3. You will integrate a community of empowered women eager to assist other women on their transformational path.

      A life coach will be assisting you all along your empowerment process. Not only that, but you’ll also have a DAS MATIA buddy to support your long-lasting transformation and hold you accountable for the actions you will take to design the life you’re meant to lead.

    These are the NGOs we are pleased to collaborate with since we are congruent in our wish and will to fight for gender equality and fight against violence against women. 3% of all profits are reinvested in women empowerment projects.




    SPICC is a non-governmental, apolitical and feminist organization that militates against gender discrimination through activism and advocacy. SPICC supports equality of chances through its actions, women’s empowerment, social inclusion, education and gender-sensitive public policies.



    A.L.E.G. is a non-governmental, non-profit organization active since 2004 in fighting violence against women. We promote gender equality and the elimination of all forms of violence through our information and counselling services. We also develop continuous awareness-raising and training programs and collaborate with institutions like schools, the police, the court, in order to contribute to the prevention of gender-based violence.



    ANAIS association’s main purpose is to promote, respect and defend the rights of women, children and young people. The association aims to act to change policies and legislation for the benefit of women.

    FILIA Center

    The FILIA Center is a feminist organization that empowers women to have their voices heard by working directly in communities, advocacy, activism, raising awareness campaign, research and analysis. FILIA encourages the development of an inclusive society where women's rights and their diverse needs are acknowledged, respected and where all people are offered equal opportunities.